La petite guerrière

rainy days, chai latte's, old couples, baby's laugh, colors of the ocean, smell of old books.
wanderlust and a tad insane.

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My fave Brazilian food! Found it in Bolivia!! 
Cuscuz de milho con banana da terra e queijo! 
Aka. Cuscuz (some yummy corn things which you steam) with boiled plantain and fresh cheese ♡♡♡

Some of my new caterings goods!!

I started a new small business! Its a small catering which offers Brunchs, Breakfast, and sweet and savory baked goods! I already have my first order for tommorrow! Im super excited and glad to be getting to work :)
I died and went to heaven! Purple sweet potato filled with peanut butter and honey nut butter sprinkled with cinnnamon ♡ 
I really recomend this to anyone!!!!
To die for! Sweet potato filled with a shit load of honey peanut butter and peanut butter! This is porn for thoese who tried this!!!
Fear food friday!
Tomato,fresh cheese, tomato,olive patte and AVOCADO sandwich in a white Bagguettttt!!!!


Gish I’ve been soo MIA latley im dearly sorry. As far as recovey goes its been smooth, no ups or downs just smooth. Well there have been a couple ups i guess :)
I went out for a latte with two friends knowing that i was gonna have a challenging dinner but stilk managed a large skim latte!
Also i was so tired of baking and noy even trying a bite so on monday night i made “cuscuz de tapioca” which is a dessert i learnt how to make in Brazil and had a square for dinner :)!!!!

No more anemia!!!!!!! 
Red blood cells are at their minimum ranger BUT no more anemia for meee!!!!

Some of my weeknends intake :)
Fear food friday was sushi!
On saturday i had this skim bitter hot cocoa and sunday’s brunch was 3 whole wheat pancakes topped with peach and berries and sugar free maple syrup!!